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Applications are now closed for Acme Innovation's flagship Collider program. The businesses selected for this year's cohort will be announced on October 24, 2022.

At the core of Acme Innovation’s ethos is the belief that success in business begins with continuously re-examining your priors, maintaining a carefully calibrated growth mindset, embracing adjacent and orthogonal ideas, and staying aligned with respect to values. In short, we believe that collisions—not curation—leads to real innovation and growth.

To this end, Acme and WAVIA are excited to announce the launch of Collider, a hybrid conference-accelerator program advancing early-stage music, gaming, and creative IP startups operating in or developing Web3 deployment.

Like other accelerator programs, Collider provides founders the access they need to mentorship, domain expertise, and investor exposure in exchange for equity. But what makes Collider different is its emphasis on pushing those in the cohort to both learn from and also provide education to others in the program, all of whom bring different and diverse degrees of expertise. This approach encourages and embraces “collisions” between like-minded founders across adjacent or orthogonal industries, generating accretive value through unexpected ideas and breakthroughs, and amplifying creativity and unexpected learnings.

Additionally, Collider leverages Acme’s broad network to provide thought leadership from a range of experts, all aligned by a shared value of sustainability in its many forms.

Collider will bring together a cohort of 10 world-class businesses with Acme’s ecosystem of advisors, mentors, and investors, beginning with a five-day, in-person immersion in Southern California in November. This will be followed by a two-month series of online sprints to focus companies on their go-to-market and fundraising strategies, culminating in a demo day with Acme’s investor community.

Two participants per accepted startup are invited to the in-person immersion at La Terranea in Rancho Palos Verdes, California from Sunday, November 13 through Thursday, November 17.

Acme Collider will cover the cost of meals and accommodation for participants, while attendees will be responsible for the cost of travel.


Nov 13-17, 2022


Terranea Resort
100 Terranea Way
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Knowledge Partner

Uniquely Qualified.


Bill Tai Bio Image

Bill Tai

Andrew Bull Bio Image

Andrew Bull

Founding Partner,
Bull Blockchain Law
Michael Dorf Bio Image

Michael Dorf

Founder & CEO,
City Winery
Ian Anderson Bio Image

Ian Anderson

Co-founder & CIO,
Wisdom Gaming
Ian De Bode Bio Image

Ian De Bode

Tyler Harttraft Bio Image

Tyler Harttraft

Bull Blockchain Law
Aaron Gershenberg Bio Image

Aaron Gershenberg

Co-founder & Managing Partner,
SVB Capital
Gil Weisblum Bio Image

Gil Weisblum

Senior Managing Director,
Ranger Global Advisors
Franziska Iseli Bio Image

Franziska Iseli

Founder of Basic Bananas, The Business Hood, Oceanlovers and Moments of Humanity
Paul Gordon Bio Image

Paul Gordon

Technical Director and CEO,
Margaret Link Bio Image

Margaret Link

VP Operations,


Lisa Andres Bio Image

Lisa Andrews

George Howard Bio Image

George Howard

Co-founder & CIO,
Acme Innovation
Christina Gerakiteys Bio Image

Christina Gerakiteys

Singularity University
Mark Ross Bio Image

Mark Ross

Co-founder & CEO,
Acme Innovation
Three Dots