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At the core of Acme Innovation’s ethos is the belief that success in business begins with continuously re-examining your priors, maintaining a carefully calibrated growth mindset, embracing adjacent and orthogonal ideas, and staying aligned with respect to values. In short, we believe that collisions—not curation—leads to real innovation and growth.

To this end, Acme and WAVIA have launched Collider, a hybrid conference-accelerator program advancing early-stage music, gaming, and creative IP startups operating in or developing Web3 deployment.

Like other accelerator programs, Collider provides founders the access they need to mentorship, domain expertise, and investor exposure in exchange for equity. But what makes Collider different is its emphasis on pushing those in the cohort to both learn from and also provide education to others in the program, all of whom bring different and diverse degrees of expertise. This approach encourages and embraces “collisions” between like-minded founders across adjacent or orthogonal industries, generating accretive value through unexpected ideas and breakthroughs, and amplifying creativity and unexpected learnings.

Additionally, Collider leverages Acme’s broad network to provide thought leadership from a range of experts, all aligned by a shared value of sustainability in its many forms.

Uniquely Qualified.


The first Collider kicked-off in Southern LA in November 2022 with a diverse cohort of 18 companies, as well as over 50 advisors, mentors, and thought partners.

We met for four days of panels, breakout sessions, one-on-ones, performances, and deep learning with the explicit goal of avoiding the pitfalls of blind spots, knowledge gaps, echo chamber mentalities, and a lack of innovative thinking by building accretive value and sustainability through diversity.

Uniquely Qualified.


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Lisa Andrews

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George Howard

Co-founder & CIO,
Acme Innovation
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Christina Gerakiteys

Singularity University
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Mark Ross

Co-founder & CEO,
Acme Innovation
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