Acme Collider Founders' Statement

Acme Collider Founders' Statement

Acme Innovation is defined by our overarching goal of helping creators leverage technology to build sustainable careers on their own terms. This is not only an ethos for us—it is baked into our very existence.

We believe that true transformation and enlightenment comes from juxtaposition, unexpected combinations, differing points of views and experiences, and, of course, the possession of a growth mindset that delights in the thrill of the newly resonant. 

In our careers in the entertainment industry, we have both fought tirelessly (and, yes, often in vain) to find that positive-sum equilibrium in which business interests and creative impulses not only co-exist but augment each other. We’ve both had these moments in our careers—moments when art and commerce align and all stakeholders are the better for it—they are what make our jobs worthwhile and why we do what we do.

And so, our individual and business mission statement has at its core an embedded collision: Historically, art and commerce are like ingredients in a recipe that won’t naturally congeal no matter how hard you whisk them. Occasionally, however, just the right combination of disparate ingredients combined with the perfect stimulating agent leads to emulsification and a result that is truly more than the sum of its individual parts. 

Collider is our gesture of systematizing this ethos and expanding it outwards; always seeking to embrace differences with empathic humanity and opportunistic business acumen. The spirit of Collider is rooted in the belief that successful business is no longer a zero-sum Darwinian competition in which one winner takes all, but rather that the most enduring success and impact occurs for both creators and business when there is a mix of disparate participants and a catalytic stimulant binding them together in a truly positive sum manner.

We strive to make the Collider event and its related elements exactly that catalytic stimulant.

Join us,

Mark Ross and George Howard

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