Acme Collider 2022: 6 Month Update

Acme Collider 2022: 6 Month Update

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In November 2022, Acme Innovation launched Collider, a hybrid conference-accelerator program. Collider brought together founders, advisors, mentors, and investors to advance early-stage startups in the music, gaming, and creative IP sectors operating in or developing Web3 deployment.

Half a year later, we are thrilled to share some of the exciting progress our first cohort of 18 startups has made. Here are a few of the highlights:

Metagood (

Metagood, creator of the NFT community OnChainMonkey, has been forging new paths in the Web3 and NFT space. Shortly after the Collider event, they concluded 2022 by raising $5M in a pre-seed funding round.

In 2023, they achieved an industry milestone by inscribing the first 10K NFTs on Bitcoin in a single ordinal, a testament to their commitment to staying ahead of the curve. In April, Metagood unveiled a unique partnership with Asprey Studio to introduce the Asprey Bugatti egg collection as generative art NFTs on Bitcoin. OnChainMonkey was also featured on NFT Now's 2023 NFT100 List of Most Influential Creators and Communities, further proving their influential role in shaping the NFT space. May marked the launch of OnChainMonkey’s groundbreaking Dimensions allow list, a first-of-its-kind 3D animated collection on Bitcoin.

Metagood also received several nominations and recognitions in 2023, including a nomination for INATBA's "Most Exciting Blockchain Project for Social Innovation" in January, a finalist spot in the SXSW Web3 Pitch Competition in March, and a semi-finalist place in the Coindesk Consensus Pitch Competition in April.

Hulah (

Hulah, a dating app empowering women to take control of their dating lives, started building their product at the beginning of 2023. Just a few months later, they launched their beta app, which reached #14 on the Apple App Store within 24 hours of its launch and has maintained impressive organic growth. The Hulah team is currently working on improving user experience, optimizing for growth and retention, and enhancing their premium experience. (, a Shopify app enabling artists and creators to sell music, videos, NFTs, and memberships with ease, is broadening its business by exploring new areas such as comedy and sports through their ticketed live stream and content rental offerings. In addition, they've added live stream shopping tools, which have been adopted by high-profile artists like Jelly Roll to drive pre-orders of upcoming albums.

Absolute Labs (

Absolute Labs, a Web3 CRM, marketing growth, and automation company, finalized their fundraising with an $8 million seed round in May 2023. They have onboarded nearly 40 companies onto their platform and added several features to their product that highlight various new analytics metrics, such as buying power, propensity to spend, and propensity to churn. They are also exploring AI capabilities for creating look-alike audiences.

Diaspora Music

Diaspora Music, a company dedicated to providing creators in emerging markets with tools to monetize their music, distributed 293 new music tracks to global DSPs. Many of these were centered around the 2023 Carnival on the Caribbean island of Trinidad this past January and February.

Diaspora Music also released the most popular song of the 2023 Carnival Season, "Come Home," and the compilation album Soca Universe 2023, which reached #2 on the iTunes Reggae chart in the US.

Moreover, Diaspora co-founders Machel Montano, Che Kothari, and Dana Shayegan brought Nigerian Afrobeats superstars Rema, Wizkid, and Ayra Starr to perform at Machel's "Machel 40 - One Show" in Trinidad on Feb 17, 2023, which attracted over 30,000 attendees.

MF Dynamics (

MF Dynamics, a company that creates large-scale artworks and performances in public spaces, successfully produced three performances as case studies to support their MVP for preserving live performance. Through these performances, they gained data about their audience and tested their technology in a new setting.

MF Dynamics has also experimented with various strategies to sell their digital art and connect with collectors. So far, they have offered NFT tickets and 1/1 editions on CODAMADE and free mints in partnership with Autonomy App (a user-friendly wallet). They are currently working on a partnership with MakersPlace for their next drop.

Quivr (

Quivr, a Web3 app that lets users prove their social credibility using blockchain technology, launched their official product in June 2023. Prior to launching on the Apple App Store, Quivr amassed more than 10,000 users during the app’s beta period. Along with the launch of the app, Quivr was also featured on Bloomberg and Cointelegraph.

Draft Labs (

Draft Labs is developing the MVP for Draftables, an immersive football emulator game, which is set to launch later this year. In the meantime, they are accepting signups for the closed alpha of the game and will be launching an official Discord channel soon. They have also initiated social media marketing through Twitter: @Draftables.

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