Dequency Launches First On-Chain Music Licensing Platform

Dequency Launches First On-Chain Music Licensing Platform

Dequency, one of Acme Innovation’s nurtured and deployed portfolio companies, has officially launched v1 of their Web3-powered music licensing platform following a restricted beta period. The platform acts as a two-sided marketplace, allowing both musicians to make their music available for sync licensing and also license seekers to easily purchase those licenses.

Dequency CEO Keatly Haldeman explained: "We use Web3 tools such as smart contracts and cryptocurrency, not to be part of the hype cycle, but because this technology enables unprecedented efficiency and control for licensing transactions and payment."

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Dequency V1: The Portal Is Open (via Dequency)

Dequency launches music rights portal to create the first open, two-sided sync licensing marketplace (via PR Newswire)

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